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Steven Sellars

Steven is board certified, state licensed professional counselor and national certified counselor. He specializes in working with individuals, trauma, crisis and recovery, psychological first aid and also stress management.

“One beat at a time” comes from an echo of wisdom passed down from my father. Whenever life would become challenging for the family, himself or his kids, he would often say, “It’s going to be ok, take it one day at a time.” For me, with a therapeutic ear, I hear the words, One beat at a time. Sometimes in life, it is best to slow things down to the beat of our heart. Your heartbeat symbolizes and reflects the essence of life. It is the most natural Sign of Life.

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Individual Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy (Counseling) is a partnership you and I create together. It is a one-on-one time...

Family Therapy

Family Therapy is an engagement with the family as a whole unit or sometimes with parents/s and kids/s...

Crisis, Trauma & Recovery

A crisis is a significant life event that has the power to overwhelm a persons coping. I specialize in...

Bereavement, Grief & Loss

Going through Bereavement, Grief and Loss is typically the worst experience of a persons life. I work with individuals and...

Premarital, Marriage, Divorce & Separation

Premarital, Marriage, Divorce and Separation are critical points of relationships. I provide counseling for individuals, couples and...

Relationships & Couples

Relationships and Couples counseling is a partnership with individuals or couples entering into a relationship and/or going...

Stress Management Education Series.

Stress Management Intervention and Counseling is working with individuals, groups, businesses...


Depression affects most people on some level. Some experience it in a clinical form with a higher...

Anxiety, PTSD & Worry

I believe everyone experiences anxiety and on for some it be difficult to manage. Using individual counseling and building...

Client Testimonials

Stress Management Specialist

Trouble Managing Your Stress?

I specialize in stress processing, life balance, management, and educating people regarding stress.

How to make stress your friend by Kelly McGonigal
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Pleasant View, Tennessee